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AMADHAL is a certified, civic and eco-friendly Algerian start-up. 
AMADHAL's mission is to promote Algerian arts and crafts on a national and international level, by working with the elite and the upcoming Algerian craftsmen and artists, who share the company's values, which are: respect for the environment, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, and marketing their unique products through this digital platform as well as the physical store.

AMADHAL is a 100% plastic-free company, as all products are packaged in either biodegradable and recyclable materials (such as paper) or reusable materials (such as cloth bags). AMADHAL also offers a deposit service, which consists of returning empty glass containers of some of the products, such as skin care products, in exchange for a symbolic discount when purchasing the same product.
AMADHAL also works to raise awareness amongst their community to reduce industrial products consumption, by providing natural and sustainable alternatives.

Photo de Yasmine et Sarah Lallem, les co-fondatrices d'Amadhal
ⴰⵎⴰⴹⴰⵍ /أمضال / AMADHAL – which means “earth” in Tamashaq (the Amazigh language of the Tuaregs) is a company founded in 2021 by Sarah and Yasmine Lallem, ambitious sisters and passionate about art.
After successful careers in large national and international companies, each in their own field (Sarah in marketing and Yasmine in human resources), and in the midst of the COVID pandemic, they decide to use their combined corporate experience in creating an ethical, eco-friendly company who resembles them. In which their spontaneity, their taste for beautiful things and their attention to detail shines through.

Discover now the selection of unique products that reflect the cultural richness of Algeria and support local artisans. Browse our online store to find unique and authentic creations. Take a step towards more responsible and sustainable consumption by choosing AMADHAL.