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Amazigh mirror


Explore the timeless elegance of this small artisanal mirror, meticulously adorned with motifs inspired by Amazigh art. Every aspect of this mirror reflects not only the splendor of traditional design..

Apple-shaped wall decoration


Transform your kitchen into a cozy and charming rustic haven with this stunning wooden wall decoration, carefully hand-painted with vibrant fruit motifs. Proudly hang it on the wall or door of your ki..

Beeswax Candle in Decorative Glass Jar


Transform your home into a peaceful and restful place with our beeswax jar candle. Made from 100% natural beeswax, this scented candle with a delicate fresh floral scent will transport you to a world ..

Book-shaped wooden box


Embark on a visual journey through the art and tradition of the Algerian region with this solid wood book-shaped box, beautifully hand-painted with Moorish motifs and depicting an elegantly dressed Al..

Ceramic brunch set


Discover our brunch tableware set, an elegant fusion of functionality and sophistication. Comprising a bowl, a medium-sized plate, and a large dinner plate, this set is finely crafted and refined. Eac..

Ceramic candle holder


Illuminate your evenings with elegance with this rounded ceramic candle holder, specially designed to accommodate tealights or regular thin candles. Its minimalist lines and refined appearance make it..

Ceramic centerpiece


Transport yourself to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean with this ceramic piece adorned with delicate blue decorations with touches of yellow evoking the clear sky and the radiant sun. This versat..

Ceramic cup Ceramic cup

Ceramic cup


Experience rustic chic elegance with this handmade ceramic glass, combining minimalism and a burst of vibrant color. Designed to be your go-to companion at home or on the go, whether in the car or at ..

Ceramic cup with it's saucer Ceramic cup with it's saucer

Ceramic cup with it's saucer


Indulge in the full experience of tea or coffee with this artisanal set, comprising a beautiful ceramic cup and its matching saucer. This simple set boasts vibrant colors, marrying elegance with vivac..

Ceramic fragrance diffuser


This ceramic fragrance diffuser offers elegant simplicity with its round shapes and sleek design. Carefully crafted, this diffuser adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its contemporary design ..

Ceramic plate


This simple ceramic plate, with its minimalist design, is a versatile decorative item that can be used as a catchall at the entrance or as a centerpiece on the dining table. For a botanical touch, you..

Ceramic plate


This beautiful ceramic plate is handmade, giving it a unique artisanal quality. Its minimalist simplicity makes it a versatile decorative item, suitable for use as a key tray at the entrance or as a c..

Ceramic pomegranate


Our decorative ceramic pomegranates are unique pieces designed to add a touch of character to any space. Carefully crafted from high-quality ceramic, these pomegranates captivate with their elegant ae..

Ceramic vase


Discover our lovely small ceramic vase, painted in a subtle gradient from mauve to blush pink. Inspired by antique jars with a classic form, it adds a touch of timeless elegance to your décor. Perfect..

Clay jar


This charming little jar made out of clay, hand-painted with delicate floral decorations, adds a crafty and elegant touch to any space. The intricate details of the floral patterns add a natural beaut..

Clay jewelry holder


This handcrafted clay jewelry holder showcases an elegant curved droplet shape, tinted in a rich reddish-orange hue. Adorned with delicate textured Arabic calligraphy, executed with precision and enha..

Concrete lamp


Illuminate your space with our ultra-modern cubical lamp, perfect for lighting up a desk or a side table. Its elegant concrete base incorporates an authentic tile of zelij from the Casbah of Algiers, ..

Cord placemat


Opt for practicality without compromising on aesthetics with our cord placemat, the perfect accessory to protect and decorate your table simultaneously. Crafted with care and durability, offering each..

Cord placemats with their basket

Cord placemats with their basket


Gorgeous set of 6 corded coasters with their coordinating basket, intricately handwoven with meticulous attention to detail. Their rustic design adds a touch of conviviality to any table, bringing war..

Decorative board


Dive into an artistic journey with this unique board, designed by the visual artist Noureddine Hamouche. Inspired by doodle art and infused with Amazigh and African heritage, this captivating piece of..

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