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Agate bracelet with large central stone


It has been attributed protective properties for thousands of years, the agate stone is believed to repel the negative influences surrounding us. It is said to be a powerful deterrent to harmful and p..

Aquamarine and chalcedony bracelet with large central stone


Aquamarine would help the mind to relax. It is a stone that would help reduce stress and promote positive thoughts. Its vibrations would reduce anxiety to make way for inner peace. It would strengthen..

Aquamarine and Quartz Bracelet with 2 Silver Beads


This beautiful bracelet combines aquamarine and quartz in an elegant and refined design. The aquamarine stones, known for promoting relaxation and positive thoughts, harmoniously complement the quartz..

Aventurine bracelet with large central stone


Aventurine is said to be known for its ability to free the mind and allow a person to fully be themselves. It is a stone whose color and beauty bring freshness and lightness. It was also recognized by..

Aventurine khamsa-shaped pendant with its silver necklace


Discover the timeless beauty of the aventurine khamsa pendant with its silver necklace. Symbolizing protection and good fortune, the khamsa is beautifully represented in this exquisite piece. The gent..

Copper pendant


Accentuate your style with our stunning rectangular enameled  copper pendant, adorned with colorful abstract motifs that give it a brilliant shine. Add a touch of modern art to your outfit with t..

Copper pendant


Accentuate your style with our superb copper ring pendant, adorned with very attractive colors and enameled to give it a brilliant shine. Add a touch of modern art to your outfit with this elegant and..

Lapis lazuli and metal pendant earrings


These lapis lazuli and metal pendant earrings are a bold and unique pair, perfect for people who love the rock and roll side of life. They are handmade and feature a pendant in the shape of a buffalo ..

Mother-of-pearl earrings


Mother-of-pearl earrings are simple and elegant earrings that can be worn every day. They bring a touch of refinemen tand sophistication to your look. Mother of pearl is also known as the stone of&nbs..

Natural stone necklace


This stainless steel necklace is a unique handmade piece that will bring originality to your outfit. The natural stone called howlite is highlighted by the rock and roll design of this jewel. This nec..

Natural stone pendant


Elevate your style with this pendant made of natural stone, mounted on a sturdy and comfortable fishing line necklace. The silver clasp adds a touch of elegance while avoiding any risk of allergic rea..

Natural stones earrings Natural stones earrings

Natural stones earrings


Our natural stones earrings are simple and discreet jewelry that fits to all clothing styles. They add a touch of color to your outfit with their beautiful colors.The earrings are made from premium qu..

Polymer clay and mother-of-pearl earrings


The gray mother-of-pearl earrings are a versatile choice for any occasion. Their modern and classic design makes them elegant and sophisticated. With their flawless finish, they add a touch of glamour..

Rhodium-Plated Silver Ring Topped with a Natural Stone


This elegant rhodium-plated silver ring embodies the perfect alliance between sophistication and symbolism. The perfectly crafted natural stone, forming a hypnotic eye at the center, captures attentio..

Simple natural stone bracelet


Discover our collection of bracelets made from natural stones, designed to bring balance and harmony into your daily life. Each bracelet is carefully crafted from authentic stones, providing not only ..

Natural Stone Bracelet with Divider


This bracelet made of natural stones adds a touch of uniqueness with its original and varied colors, carefully selected for their natural beauty. Suitable for both men and women, this versatile access..

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