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Cotton cushion with macrame pattern


Treat yourself to this beautiful cotton cushion adorned with a macramé motif representing a Khamsa (Hand of Fatima). Lightweight, comfortable, and effortlessly stylish, this cushion will complement an..

Cotton throw blanket


This beautiful braided cotton throw blanket offers an unparalleled sensation of softness. Its elegant design and plush texture make it the perfect accessory for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere, tr..

Hanbel-type traditionnal carpet


Hanbel is the traditional name given to typically fine carpets with strips of colors and traditional motifs. Our traditional hanbel-type carpet is handwoven in pure sheep wool by women from a heritage..

Hand-woven wool table runner


Discover the cultural richness of the Ghardaïa region through this magnificent hand-woven table runner created by an association of dedicated women committed to preserving the cultural heritage of the..

High wool cushion


This handwoven high wool cushion, adorned with typical geometric patterns from the Aurès region, offers a unique blend of tradition and craftsmanship. Its subtle colors and traditional design make it ..

Small rectangular wool cushion


Discover these gorgeous cushions made of pure sheep wool, handwoven using ancestral techniques, offering simple patterns that complement all styles of decor, from traditional to modern. Their understa..

Small wool rug


Dive into the luxurious comfort of our pure wool rugs, handwoven with love by a collective of talented women from Ghardaia. Each piece is infused with the Amazigh ancestral artisanal heritage, capturi..

Small woolen table runner


The region of Ghardaia is renowned for its traditional carpets and wool weaving craftsmanship, and this small table runner is a perfect example of that. Its subtle patterns and colors, typical of the ..

Wool cushion


These wool cushions, handwoven by a collective of women from the Khenchela region, reflect a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Crafted using ancestral techniques on a traditional loom, thes..

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